Winter Field Day 2024 Results

Yesterday, we were given the awesome opportunity to work alongside the US Forest Service’s Job Corps students by getting them some quick experience in amateur radio!

We want to express our gratitude to the Jackson County Rescue Squad for allowing us to overrun the main building and operate.

A huge thank you goes to the Jackson County Amateur Radio Service (KF4DTL) for coming out, loaning equipment, and providing both our students and Job Corps students with the awesome knowledge y’all possess.

We logged a total of 63 contacts over 10 hours of operating! Thank you to all the operators for making this possible and Winter Field Day for putting this event on!

Upcoming Net


Weekly nets are back!

Welcome back to campus, Catamounts! We’re super excited to see y’all!

As a reminder, our weekly CARGO nets will restart tomorrow, Monday, January 15th at 7pm on the K4WCU campus repeater

100.0 PL

Welcome back to campus and I can’t wait to hear y’all on the net tomorrow.