Club Meeting – September 27, 2012

We will be having our next meeting Thursday, September 27, 2012 at 7PM in the Rogers Room, in the University Center. Talk in will be on the club repeater, K4WCU 444.975+ 131.8. We will also be available by phone – (828) 515-1426 (or 5151-HAM).

We are still attempting to give away a free testing session, by raffle! (No Entry Cost- just promise us you will study 🙂 ) There was no winner this past month, so will are continuing to give away tickets, and the chance to win is still out there!

As for a program following the business portion of the meeting, we will most likely be speaking on the proper use of IRLP, and will leave room for question regarding the basics session we had last month. Hope to see you all there!

See us at Valley Ballyhoo? August 23, 2012 – Next Meeting

Greetings all!

You may have seen us at Valley Ballyhoo Today! We are excited to introduce you into the fun and exciting world of Amateur (HAM) Radio! Our next meeting is Thursday August 23, 2012 at 7:00 PM in the Belk Building, Second Floor by the vending machines. We will feature a program that introduces the basics of Radio, how it works, and have a demo followed by an opportunity for anyone to operate.

For Directions, Talk in, or Questions please do not hesitate to call or email us (Check the contact us tab). Good luck in your first days of classes this year!

Blue Ridge Breakaway – August 18, 2012

Interested in Public Service?

The Blue Ridge Breakaway is this Saturday, August 18, 2012. The Blue Ridge Breakaway (BRB) is a 100 Mile Bike Race with several routes (some shortened) that tours the Blue Ridge Parkway and covers various parts of Haywood County (NC). Ham Radio Operators are needed to provide communications for this event, as most places are spotty or provide no cell phone coverage. If you are interested, please email us (email at WCURadio dot Com) or visit the Haywood County ARC’s Website at and contact the HCARC Directly. Radio Operators are being stationed at Rest Stops, operating SAG Vehicles, Running the County’s Emergency Management Communications Trailer, as well as reporting to the Haywood County Chamber of Commerce. Hope to see you there!

New VE Team Established @ WCU

CARGO is pleased to announce that we now have a VE Team here in the club, what does this mean? It means we can administer a test for you to receive your Amateur License! We are planning to offer these tests routinely after every meeting, and also by request. We are also capable of administering with a FULL extra class VE Team, this will allow for participants to test all the way up to extra class!

We’d like to congratulate Todd Michael, KK4KRN, as the first person to be tested under our team.

We look forward to hearing you all on the air, and helping you get there when you’re ready!