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New to Ham Radio? Don’t know what Ham Radio is? Well, this page is designed to steer you in the right direction. You can find an explanation of What Ham Radio is, who is involved and what we do by clicking here. The previous link goes to the ARRL (American Radio Relay League) Website. There are over 700,000 Amateur Radio Operators (HAMs) in the USA today!

Want to get involved? There is a 35 question test (Morse Code No Longer Required!) that you must pass in order to become licensed, however there are plenty of ways to study for this exam. The questions and answers are available for all three license classes, free of charge from the NCVEC. (Take a peek and see what you know, you might not need to study!) There are also other free practice tests available from many other HAM’s and HAM Websites (Also free of charge) such as, and NC4FB’s Website. Study manuals available from The ARRL for a charge, but will explain the theories a bit more. There are also other ways to study such as by audio book, podcast, and your local club may also offer classes, as well as the examination. Many of the links above, are summarized on for convenience!

Ready to take your test? If you’re in our area (Jackson/Haywood County, NC) Click the contact us tab, and we’ll setup a test session for you! If not, contact a local club, or use the ARRL’s Test Session Locator. Please note that not all clubs and VE Teams have their sessions listed on the site. Update!! As of April 2020, Online Tests are now available!! Check out for more information on online test sessions.

Have Questions? feel free to take a peek at the contact us page and give us a shout. We hope to hear you on the air soon!

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    • The club is currently inactive, however the Jackson County club is now active. The repeaters on campus remain online, and we welcome students and the community to use it! 🙂 The club can easily be made active once again if you are a student or know a student who is interested. If you need an exam session or help getting plugged in, or maybe just want to get to know some HAMs in the area, please let us know!

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