Get Plugged In!

Looking for regular radio activities?

✔CARGO Net – Every Tuesday at 8 PM, on 444.700+ (131.8) IRLP 8755 / Echolink 789963
✔Jackson County ARS Net – Every Wednesday at 7 PM on 147.345+ (151.4)
✔Franklin Net – Every Sunday at 8 PM, on 145.490- (167.9) Echolink 400632
✔Haywood County Net – Every Monday at 8 PM, on 147.390+ (94.8)

IRLP/Echolink Nets
✔10 AM Monday-Saturday – IRLP 9668 – Say Good Morning With Radio Net
✔10 PM Tuesdays – IRLP 9251 – North American HandShaker’s Net
✔7:30 PM Wednesdays – IRLP 9210 – Ham Radio Public Service Net
✔7 PM Mondays – IRLP 9210 – Carolina 440 Rag Chew Net

Know of another regular meeting net you’d like to add to the site? Shoot us an email from our contact page. We ask that all submitted nets be reachable on less than 50 Watts of power from the Cullowhee Valley.

Upcoming Events to Keep in Mind:

✔Haywood County Amateur Radio Club helps with the Blue Ridge Breakaway, a 100 mile bike race along the Blue Ridge Parkway every August. Radio Operators are needed for communications along the ride where cell phone communications are non-existent, and to report back to the Command Center, to provide everything from updates to emergency traffic. Please watch this site, and for more information.

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