K4WCU Machine Hosts IRLP Node

The W3WDD EchoIRLP Node has been moved to the K4WCU Repeater. You can connect to this node by dialing 8755 on IRLP or 789963 on EchoLink. Our Nets will now meet on the 444.975 K4WCU Machine Primarily with extended coverage to the K4RCC 444.875 Machine VIA IRLP.

Much Thanks to Russ, K4RCC for his work on troubleshooting the machine with us, as we worked to get the IRLP node Active on the new machine.

The EchoIRLP node is an open system, and we welcome everyone to use it!

K4WCU Repeater CTCSS Change

The Tone on the K4WCU repeater has been changed from 131.8 to 100.0.

The replacement of this tone will help keep out unwanted interference and allow an IRLP node to function on the club repeater. We will hold our net this week on the 700 one more time before moving the IRLP node to the K4WCU machine. After this week our nets will be moved to the K4WCU Machine Primarily, and stil take place VIA IRLP to the K4RCC 875 Repeater.

We will make a reminder announcement during our coming meeting, on the 24th.

Club Meeting – January 24, 2013

Welcome Back Catamounts! We will have our first meeting of the new year on Thursday January 24, 2013, at 7PM in the Dogwood Room of the University Center. We are hoping to have a program on how to use IRLP (The Internet Radio Linking Project) and what it can do!

Talk in is on the 444.975+ 131.8 Repeater (K4WCU), or call us at (828) 5151-HAM.