Catamount 6 Landed

The Catamount 6 Balloon Launched this morning from WCU has landed somewhere to the west of Stone Fairy State Park in Virginia. Reaching Speeds of nearly 150MPH, this balloon is now being recovered by the various volunteer tracking teams with the assistance of many IRLP and EchoLinked Repeaters.

The Balloon last reported traveling approximately 19MPH, just above 2000 Feet. Communications may be monitored by connecting to IRLP Reflector 9449, or Echolink Station K9IU-L (500717). Much Thanks to the Indiana University Radio Club for use of their reflector.


Posted 11.2.13 1557

The SPOT GPS Tracking system which was thought to be malfunctioning has come back to life and reported it’s location very close to the last APRS Packet. One Tracking team is reported to be within 5 miles of the last known location, and the teams feel optimistic that the payload will be easy to locate.

Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 4.43.47 PM

Posted 11.2.13 1648

The Payload has been successfully recovered! It is reported that the payload landed on private property, and not in a tree this time! The payload is now on it’s way back to Cullowhee and the NC mountains. Much thanks to the volunteers, repeater and node owners who helped make this a success!

Posted 11.2.13 1722