Balloon Launch Moved to WCU

The Balloon Launch tomorrow will now take place at WCU’s Apodaca Terrace instead of the Balsam Building at SCC’s campus. This stemmed from an unforeseen complication. Communications will take place as needed on the NC-PRN DMR Network. More information is available on this network at

Michele, KK4NRB Sent out this notice detailing the upcoming flight-

“We are very excited to fly Saturday for the annular eclipse.  We will be launching from the Apodaca terrace, and not SCC (a last minute redirection) and trajectories are showing impact near Polkville, NC.  You can follow online on and enter the callsign of “W4WCU-11”  We will lift-off between 11-11:30am.

Our goal is to provide a verified vessel for atmospheric research in our region, and since this project is multidisciplinary, there are many avenues for you to participate in – from amateur radio for tracking and recovery, programming of onboard payload sensors, data extrapolation, technical writing, media communications to project management.  For those interested in the graphics of data representation or image editing, there are plenty of opportunities to dive in and analyze data, manipulate our images and showcase what Catamounts are capable of-  Stay tuned for a flight report!”

An info & track booth will be available at the prior scheduled launch site at Southwestern Community College (Balsam Building) to discuss the Amateur Radio Hobby and it’s roll in the project as well as show live positioning of the balloon. Much thanks to the Jackson County Amateur Radio Service for heading up this portion of the project!

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