K4WCU Repeater Finds New Home

As of Sunday, (12/23/12) The K4WCU Repeater has been relocated to the top of Reservoir Ridge. It’s new location should serve Cullowhee flawlessly, and potentially add improved service to the surrounding areas such as Tuckaseegee and Sylva. Can you now hit the repeater? We’d love to hear about it. Please give us your report by commenting on this article, We’d love to know how the location effects your coverage. We look forward to testing it’s coverage more extensively when we return to the area for the spring semester. Information on how to access the repeater can be found on the “Repeater” Tab above.

Much thanks to Russ, K4RCC for his efforts and work to obtaining permission to use the site, and getting the repeater installed!

One thought on “K4WCU Repeater Finds New Home

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