K4WCU-11 Balloon Launch (Catamount-4) – December 15, 2012

CARGO, along with the Haywood County Amateur Radio Club, and the WCU Physics Dept. Will be Launching Catamount-4 This weekend on Saturday December 15 between 9-10AM from the Jackson County Airport.

Here’s the link we’ll use to track spot from the GPS


If you happen to see the balloon (K4WCU-11) feel free to email us with any information you may have (especially if it’s down and helps us recover) to balloon at wcuradio.com

UPDATE: Balloon has been located, and recovery efforts are still underway at this time. (12/16/12)
UPDATE: Balloon and Payload successfully recovered at approximately 1325 EST, 12/16/12. It’s final resting place was only a few miles off of Highway 74 near Wingate University, in Monroe North Carolina. We will do our best to post a few pictures shortly, please continue to refer back to this post for updates.
UPDATE: (12/20/12) Pictures have been uploaded to the web. Check them out here! K4WCU – Catamount-4 Slideshow

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